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30th birthday - n y c

When Michael asked me what I wanted for my 30th birthday, I immediately thought about the musical Moulin Rouge in New York. We had been talking about doing a quick weekend trip to New York or Las Vegas before the Chiefs season started and he got busier at work. Since I have been waiting YEARS for Moulin Rouge to be made into a musical on Broadway, I knew it'd be the perfect way to ring in a new decade. The show just premiered this July, so New York City it was!

Side note, I remember the first time I watched the movie Moulin Rouge, I was thinking, "What the heck am I watching??" 😂Then I watched it again and again and again. I fell in love with the music, the love story, how it was filmed and when Satine realizes she deserves to be loved for real. I was obsessed with the song "Come What May" so much that we had a violinist play it while I walked down the aisle at our wedding.

The musical did not disappoint. I loved it so much! I don't really listen to the soundtrack as much as I did while I was in college and hadn't thought about the lyrics to "Come What May" for awhile. Here is my favorite part:

"Seasons may change, winter to spring But I love you until the end of time Come what may"

How fitting is that? If you've followed me the past couple years, you've heard me compare our miscarriages and the loss of our son Bennett to a season of winter, but I know God is with us and that spring always comes. Hearing those words sung on stage and remembering how much the song meant to me when we got married, made my eyes swell. We never know what season is ahead of us but Michael and I have continually loved one another no matter what. Come what may.

We spent the rest of the weekend exploring the city, and eating pasta and pizza. I thought it would be fun to do a photo shoot with a NY photographer so we could get some great photos of us without me having to pack my camera, remote, lenses, etc. I found Masha online and she helped plan a shoot for us starting in front of the New York Public Library and ending at Central Park. I love that when I mentioned to Michael that I wanted to take photos in NY, he said, "Well, we already have plenty of photos of us, but if you want to, let's do it." That was all of the positive reenforcement I needed! 😄❤️

P.S. Thank you to everyone who wished me well on my birthday and for everyone who entered my birthday giveaway! August has been a beautiful and exciting month. I wasn't sure how I would feel about not being in my 20s anymore but honestly I'm feeling great. I am so thankful for Michael and our home; for our family and friends; for our cat Khaleesi; for our jobs. I'm thankful to God for another year on earth. ❤️ Also, an extra shoutout to my mom and sisters for taking me to First Watch and Whisker's Cafe for my birthday. I added some snapshots at the end of this post of our fun afternoon together. I'm grateful I get to see them once a week but we hadn't been out just the four of us in a long time! 😻

And a fun afternoon full of cats and brunch with my mom and sisters!

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