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a season of change

Hi friends!

I have been feeling a shift in what I should be posting on my blog and want to discuss it with you all. ❤️

Even though I love every single photoshoot I have the privilege of shooting, I have a long list of shoots that I haven’t blogged yet and the task has become a little daunting. As I work to get photos retouched in a timely manner, answer emails, take care of my clients, and also have a healthy personal life, I have decided that my blog will now be for more personal writings and updates. I will also be blogging about certain photo shoots but there is literally not enough time in the day to blog about every single photo shoot and still have time for a healthy work/life balance. I’ve noticed that my personal posts get more views anyway, so I think this will be a wise transition.

I will still be updating my galleries on my website with new photos and will be posting new photos on Instagram and Facebook. I just won’t be necessarily blogging about each shoot. Thank you so much for all of the love and support. I am always overwhelmed by who God places in front of my camera and I love meeting and connecting with all of you! Please know, if I do not post your photo shoot on my blog, it is nothing personal and I LOVE the photos we captured together. I’m not sure if any of my clients even think about this but I do and want to make sure nobody takes it the wrong way.

I appreciate you all greatly! Let me know any feedback you have for me about what you most like to see me post online. Thank you so much! ❤️ Warmly, Colette

{Photo is by my girl Katie Meserko.}

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