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I am on day 3 of the 8 day "This is My Year" challenge from @theshineproject and it's helping me feel focused and inspired. I kept seeing people on instagram post about what their "word" for 2019 was, and the word that kept coming to my mind was CHRIST. I just want Christ. ⠀ Yes, I have business goals and personal goals but who will best help me with those things? Yep, Christ. And honestly, I'm tired of being selfish and wanting more on Earth. I'm done with it. I want Him to be at the forefront of my mind in all that I do because at the end of the day I know what really matters to me--Christ, family, friends + feeling fulfilled in my work. ⠀ I've noticed in this challenge that the word FULFILLMENT is in a lot of my answers. (Can you spy it in my Story?) I want my work and life to have meaning. I decided to alter the "This is My Year" line to "This is my year to follow Christ + feel fulfilled." ⠀ You can still sign up and join me on the challenge if you want! Just go to @theshineproject to sign up and you will get a daily email from @ashleyklemieuxwith encouragement and journal prompts. (@theshineproject is the same place I got my Holiday Joy Journal that helped me navigate my feelings of both joy and grief that I shared with you guys). 💙⠀ Photo: @kmeserko⠀

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