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love triumphs fear

LOVE TRIUMPHS FEAR. This morning I took my coat off and felt something in my pocket. I pulled out an offering envelope from church. Yesterday I had grabbed the closest thing to me and written out Love Triumphs Fear. I had already forgotten I had written that down and shoved it in my pocket so those words wouldn't slip from my mind. (Good thing I wrote it down!)

I try to give my fear to God but sometimes it just bubbles up before I even know it's there and consuming my minds. I have fear of the unknown, and fear of future pain that might not even come to pass. When you've experienced pain before (and who hasn't?) fear of that same pain comes creeping into our minds. We are only human. But there's good news--Love triumphs over fear. God triumphs over fear. God already knows your whole story, and as the Bible says, His plans and promises for the faithful are good.

As fear sneaks its way into my heart, I'm going to use it as a reminder to yell out to God for supernatural peace and wisdom to get me through. I hope you can too!

In frame: Beautiful + sweet Cara who is a senior this year! I am so blessed to have taken her senior portraits this fall.

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