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baby waters | due date story

I am so thankful to be 18 weeks along with baby boy. Every single day it becomes more and more real to me that God has chosen Michael and I to be the parents to this precious boy. ❤️ In true Colette-style I’ve been documenting my belly with photographs during this extremely grateful time. I took the most current photos last week when I was 17 weeks along. I feel like I’m not showing as much in person, so I guess it’s true that the camera adds a few pounds. 😂 I thought this would be the perfect time to tell the story about my due date. I hinted at it in my blog post last month that talked all about how we found out we were expecting and told the happy news. (You can see that blog post here).

First, I’m going to back up a bit. The weekend after we found out I was pregnant, I went on a girls trip to Colorado while Michael went on a guys trip to Vegas. We hadn’t told anyone yet so we were keeping hush during the trips. We rented a car in Denver and while we were leaving the rental office, we were talking to a friendly worker who was checking everything before he let us drive away. I was in the back seat and he said, “You in the back, put your window down.” It was tinted window so I didn’t even know he could really see me. I put it down and he asked how long I have been married. Michael wasn’t with me and he couldn’t see my ring but I thought I must just look like someone who is married, haha! I told him 6 years and he said, “I just have to tell you the numbers 3-7-9. Good things are coming in your life. In 6 months, your life is going to be wonderful.” I was taken aback. I looked at his name-tag and said, “Thank you Robert.” He smiled and sent us on our way. My first thought was the date March 7th, 2019. I thought I’d be due at the end of February or early March but wasn’t for sure. We all thought it was a little bizarre that a complete stranger would tell me those things. I kept thinking about it and told Michael about it.

The next week we went to my first sonogram. I had my first one pretty quickly after we got a positive pregnancy test. Since we’ve experience loss in the past, we were really adamant about getting blood work right away and the doctor requested a sonogram soon after. After some mishaps about our appointment time and insurance, we thankfully got in with the technician. (Michael left work to be there and the doctor said we needed a sonogram soon so we really wanted it to all work out. Michael is very insistent at being present at all of the appointments, which I love). We felt very confident with the technician because when she came out to get us, ladies were gushing to her about how good she is at her job and how accurate she is. She was very sweet and told us since we were so early, we might not see the heartbeat, but we did! I wasn’t expecting it and totally cried. She told us I was measuring 5 weeks and 5 days. I had been trying to figure out my due date so I was excited to have a number to go off of.

When I got home after the appointment, the first thing I did was count to 40 weeks from 5 weeks and 5 days. I landed on 3.7.19. No way I thought. I counted again to double check. It was definitely 3.7.19. Michael had gone back to work so I quickly texted him and he could hardly believe it either! I believe the promises of God with my whole heart and I know He loves us dearly. In my heart God reassured me that he had told Robert to tell me those things as a reminder to us that everything is going to be OK. Every time I feel worried or nervous, I think 3 7 9 and am greatly comforted by God’s promises. It humbles me and makes me cry that the God of the universe cares about me so much that He would do that for me. I am so thankful for God and that Robert LISTENED to the random thought in his head and told me 3 7 9. It has blessed us greatly and I can't wait to tell baby boy about it when he is older. ❤️

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Another one at 12 weeks, just in case my yellow/orange flower dress doesn't fit me when I'm 9 months along. 😂

And more at 17 weeks for that same reason. haha!

Thank you for following us along! ❤️ The Waters

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