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sutton | 4 years

I can't believe it's been over a year since I first met adorable Sutton + her gorgeous mama Erin. They are such a fun mother/daughter duo. They love to laugh + talk about their love of animals. When Sutton walked into my Olathe, KS studio, she was SO EXCITED to meet Khaleesi because she wants a cat too (to add to their many pups at home). When I told Sutton Khaleesi doesn't go outside, her eyes got really big as she whispered, "Where does she go to the bathroom??" Haha! Her mom reminded her that cats don't go outside but use a litter box instead. "Ooooh yeah," Sutton said, nodding her head in deep thought. I can tell Sutton absorbs EVERYTHING she hears. She is quite the conversationalist + mature for her 4 years but of course, she is also very silly + loves to dance without abandon. (You can see evidence of this below!) I always have a blast shooting with Sutton + we got mom in a few photos this year too!

Thank you Sutton + Erin for always being awesome. You guys seriously rock. ❤️-Colette

To see Sutton's photo shoot from last year, click HERE.

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