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katie | valentine's day shoot

Meet my friend Katie!

If you've followed me for awhile, you probably recognize Katie's pretty face since we take photos of each other at least every few months. Katie is a talented photographer, videographer, model/actress/singer, and a high-school math teacher. Whew!

She is extremely outgoing and always has fun new ideas for photo adventures we should go on together, whether it's in New York, Los Angeles, or around Kansas City. Our latest shoot was in my studio in Olathe, KS and was Valentine's Day themed--just look at her perfect red jumpsuit from Frankie & Jules. 😍I should mention that Katie is such a good sport and goes along when I put roses in her hair and make her wear HUGE red flower earrings I found at H+M. 😆

Whatever you're doing this Valentine's week, I hope you feel beautiful, love others well and have fun! ❤️-Colette

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