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risen magazine | no greater love | the low's

As I ripped open the package of Risen magazines that Risen sent to me, I couldn't believe my eyes. In a featured article in their November issue, there was my name below the title--"Photographer: Colette Waters." I had been anxiously awaiting to see which photos were chosen for the article about Mike Low, his wife Liz, their two sons who were wounded while serving in the military, and the documentary No Greater Love. Back in August, Mike, Liz and I shot in Excelsior Springs, MO for an article Risen Magazine was writing about them. It's so exciting to have the final product in my hands!

Thank you to everyone who made this possible:

Risen Magazine,

Judy Frey who recommended me,

Mike + Liz Low (who even treated me to dinner after our photo shoot),

Four Horses and a Dog Winery in Excelsior Springs, MO for the location,

and Shaylena Marie for being my Risen contact and writing a beautiful article.

I love seeing the fun places photography takes me and the way God uses photography for good. ❤️


You can see the article online HERE.

The final photos that were used~

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