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colette's closet | camera bag

A Jo Totes camera bag has been on my wish list for quite awhile. I love that they don't look like "camera bags." Everyone always thinks I'm just carrying around a regular purse. It's very sneaky, and I like being sneaky. ;D

The below photo of me is by Katie Marie Photography. My dress & necklace is from AddieRose Boutique.

I visited the Jo Totes' website every couple of weeks to look over all of their beautiful bags. Then I would be bombarded with Jo Totes ads ALL OVER Facebook. (Does that happen to anyone else?) They finally wore me down when they had a big sale (I pretty much have to buy things on sale or I feel too guilty). I liked the "Abby" style bag because it was 1. Cute, 2. Not too bulky, and 3. Not too expensive.

I always gravitate toward black bags/purses/clothes/accessories but for some reason the "marsala" was calling to me. Everything is adjustable with the Abby bag which I appreciate. There are also pockets EVERYWHERE. My favorite compartment is the zipper in the flap that goes over the top of the bag. Yep, you can put stuff in there! I usually fit my camera body and two camera lenses in this bag. I use it for portrait sessions but it's too small for my wedding gear.

If you are looking for a stylish, high-quality camera bag, you should check out Jo Totes! Take a look at their website and tell me which bag is your favorite!



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