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hello from jamaica

Is this real life?!

I was just blessed with a relaxing week in sunny Jamaica. My generous in-laws decided to have a family vacation this year for Christmas, which was AMAZING. We were spoiled with spa treatments, a multitude of shrimp, fruity drinks on the beach, boat rides, out-of-this-world jerk chicken, snorkeling, and an up-close & personal firework show. Michael and I spent our evenings on the beach looking at the stars and only turned on our TV once to watch Monday night football. (We are pretty addicted to Netflix and TV in general, so we both happily shocked ourselves). Plus, I finally got to fulfill my dream of drinking out of a coconut. :)

I always need to take test shots and he thinks I delete them all but I don't because he's too cute. <3

Michael realized two out of the three pairs of shoes I packed were "Montego Bay Club" brand. What a coincidence. :D

This is what happens when you take a selfie with a 50mm lens. :'D

When we stepped out of our sliding glass door, we were greeted by a swim-up pool. Yup--totally spoiled with the perfect nap/reading spot. I caught up on some reading with The Walking Dead comics, photographer Jasmine Star's book "Exposed", and Mindy Kalling's new book "Why Not Me?" I also started the book "The Well" by Stephanie Landsem, in case you were wondering. :)

I snuck this photo from afar of Michael’s parents on the beach. I am extremely thankful for them. They have always welcomed and accepted me into their family with loving arms. I feel like I owe them so much. They raised the love of my life, and support our life decisions without question. We love hanging out and having dinners with them. I not only consider them as second parents but also as friends. <3

These cabanas were pure bliss.

I tried to relax and be in the moment which meant not stressing about taking too many photos. Plus, the best camera is the one you have on hand! So here are some fun iPhone snaps which include a Jamaican braid selfie. :D

I hope you all have a beautiful 2016!




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