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orrick, mo | avis

Six years ago, my extremely strong older sister gave birth to a perfect little girl. As I held tiny Avis Klaire in my arms, I knew our family would never be the same. Three and a half nephews later (my younger sister is having her second boy in September), Miss Avis is the queen of the group. She is opinionated like her mama, and competitive like her daddy. She is always asking questions and creating new things. Her drawings and creations literally cover the walls in Mumzy and Poppy’s playroom, and usually the first thing she asks me when I come over is to build a Lego hotel with her.

Thankfully she is finally at the age where she is excited to have a photo shoot with me. :D We had fun shooting around my little hometown outside of Kansas City.

I am so thankful to be an auntie to this silly, beautiful girl!

Thank you to Amelia Mae for assisting me and snapping a photo. :)



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